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About Us

Over the span of 20 years, Hygiene House has grown to become a leading distributor of washroom and chemical products in New Zealand. Started by the Renwick family, it is to this day a family owned and operated company, offering a personal touch to products and services with no parallel anywhere else in the industry.
With growth came diversification. Originally servicing only childcare centres, the expansion of the company allowed schools, hospitals, rest homes and commercial businesses to come under the umbrella of personal and approachable family based service. As the founders and current operators, the development of the company was handled solely by Lloyd, Bruce and Bettina Renwick. Growing experts in the industry, you can be rest assured that they will look after you, and your business.
Movement into sustainable and environmentally conscious practices is a core morality of our team at Hygiene House. Our Solopak range is free from harsh chemicals and environmentally friendly, we have 100% recyclable toilet tissue, and our company practices reflect the importance we hold in maintaining a ‘clean green’ image. Here, you have the option to make sustainable choices with your products.

Best Service & Advice

At Hygiene House you will find that we are committed to offering you the very best service and advice. We are specialists in all aspects of washroom products and will work with you to provide the best and most effective solutions to your washroom needs.

As well as a full product suite of washroom consumables, we have an extensive range of cleaning & janitorial products to meet most commercial and light industry requirements. We know our customers are our greatest asset and we work hard to exceed your expectations in everything we do.

So take a trip through our web site, look through our product list and see what we have to offer. But whatever you see on the product list, remember comes with quality personal service and a big warm smile.

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