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Specialists in washroom products

Hygiene House started when our then CEO, Lloyd, saw a need for quality, compliant commercial washroom products delivered straight to childcare centres.
Eager to turn his idea into reality, Lloyd set up a small enterprise in his garage. Lloyd’s son Bruce and daughter-in-law Bettina were enthusiastic about the possibilities of this fledgling project, so Lloyd set them to work too.
Lloyd’s garage was soon bursting at the seams and had to make way for a purpose-built barn on one of the family properties. Business kept growing in leaps and bounds and we soon moved into a new facility in East Tamaki, Auckland.
The Renwick Family sold the business to the Dixon Family in early 2018 and appointed Tim Macaulay as General Manager.Evan Dixon was born in east Auckland and his father owned the Big S supermarket in Howick. Evan's family are now involved in the business.
Hygiene House has grown a lot since the days of Lloyd's garage but some things haven't and will not. we are still a family business - now a Team of 15 - still enthusiastic and supporting people by providing top quality commercial washroom products to our valued customers.
Tim Macaulay states that the VALUES of the business - SERVICE - HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS and VALUE FOR MONEY will NEVER CHANGE. ❤❤❤

We’re your support team

At Hygiene House, we like to say that good service is a given. Our customers depend on us not just for quality service, but for ongoing, tailormade support and advice. Sometimes our customers call us just for a chat or for reassurance, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’re your support framework, always just a phone call or email away.

Trust is imperative in our world

That’s why we work individually with you to find the right commercial washroom products for your premises. If there’s something specific you need, we can source it. We’ll make sure you find the soap, hand towels, toilet tissue, hand sanitiser and janitorial supplies that work best for you.

And we’re always learning about new, upcoming cleaning products so you’ll know about them before anyone else does.

We love giving back to our community

That’s why we support our local community, as well as charities nationwide and abroad.

The right washroom products for the right job

Today, we provide quality washroom supplies throughout New Zealand to:
early childcare centres
medical centres
aged-care centres and
facilities (sports, leisure, attractions)

Our local community

Every year, we help schools in our local community with fundraising efforts. We also supply facial tissue for free to Mercy Hospice and the Blind Foundation Guide Dog centre in Manurewa, where these incredible dogs get trained. And we just love the two puppies that we sponsor for training.

New Zealand and Australia

For every carton of hand towels we sell through our supplier ESG Asia Pacific, we donate 50c towards its ESG Foundation, supporting communities in New Zealand and Australia.

Further abroad

Money from the ESG Foundation also goes to the Great Big Project in Uganda, started by Malcolm Sime, the CEO of ESG Asia Pacific. It was Malcolm’s dream to open a school, medical facility and community centre in Uganda, and this is now well under way with the help of his distributors.

Hygiene House runs a scholarship each year for our largest childcare group, allowing two teachers each year to travel to Thailand and volunteer at Surin at an Elephant Village, where they get to work with children.

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