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Hygiene House has a responsbility to care for and protect the environment in which

we operate.

Hygiene House recognise our key impacts to be in the following areas:


Waste Generation:

1.   Hygiene House has all their unwanted paper documents, cardboard, cartons collected by

      "Reclaim" who operate with a zero waste policy which they aim to have

       progressively achieved by 2015. Diverting all waste from landfills.

2.   In our everyday operation we actively reuse and recycle any packaging we can.


Water Usage:

1.   We promote non toxic, biodegradable cleaning products which greatly reduce water

       usage. The use of foaming soap is encouraged as this significantly reduces water usage

       by as much as 20%.



1.   Freight Strategy - we encourage all customers to do a monthly order.

 2.  Telesales are an integral part of our company to reduce the use of company vehicles.



1.  We promote environmentally friendly products

2.  We are price competitive in all our products

3.  We educate our customers in good environmental choices in cleaning chemicals and

     paper products.



1. We reduce risks from environmental, health or safety hazards for employees and others

     in the vicinity of our operations.

2.  We have an active Health and Safety committee and a current first aider on staff.


Community Awareness:

Our chosen community projects both global and local are:

1.  The Great Big Project   - www.thegreatbigproject.org

     Their mission is to raise funds world-wide in order to develop much needed facilities

     in developing countries. Our commitment at Hygiene House is to give back 50c for

     every carton of ESG paper sold.  ESG are the foundation behind the Great Big Project.

2    Royal Foundation for the Blind  - Guide Dogs

     We have committed to the RNZFB to help support this foundation by donating bathroom



We will continually strive to assess the environmental impact of all our operations and

aim to assist in developing solutions to environmental problems. We will strive to continue

to train our employees in good environmental practice and encourage employee

involvement in environmental action such as recycling materials, turning computers and

lights off at the end of the working day.

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