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Code: BFL1542

Korbell Plus Bin

***The Korbell Plus Bin Replaces Diaper Dekor Nappy Bins 

Convenient, Safe and Odour free Nappy Disposal. Ideal for Day Care Centres, homes with multiple babies in nappies, or light adult incontinence.

Constructed of durable, hygienic, odour resistant ABS plastic. Korbell liners are 100% biodegradable in landfills and made with 20% recycled materials.

H: 55cm
W: 34cm
D: 24cm

26 litre capacity (holds up to 60 newborn nappies before it requires emptying)

Use the Korbell Plus Refills: BFL1545-3PKT (Please note these are the replacement for BFL1543 which is no longer stocked)

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