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Code: BFL1545-3PKT

Korbell Plus Refills 

***Please note: These are the new nappy bin liners replacing the Diaper Dekor 2 pack (BFL1543)

Sturdy and stretch resistant, the Korbell Plus liners securely hold your dirty nappies without breaking, tearing or falling apart.

These economically priced refill liners come on a unique continuous roll, giving you the flexibility to create bags of different sizes. So there’s no need to waste liner material if you want to empty the unit before it is full.

Easy to replace - simply lift the cartridge out of the bin, slide the refill over the cartridge and replace. 

  • 3 refills per box
  • Holds 335 nappies per refill
  • 26 Litre capacity
  • 100% biodegradable in landfills
  • Made with 20% recycled materials

Use these refills with: BFL1542 Korbell Plus Bin
                                   Diaper Dekor Bin (now the Korbell Plus Bin)

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