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Code: ESG9606
Purell Hand Sanitiser

A cost effective option as they are easily refillable. Perfect size for desks, pockets and bags for easy reach. Pair with a lanyard to carry around on your person for quick and easy Sanitiser access. 

  • 2oz Pump Bottle

Use with the Purell Tractable Clip: ESG9608

Alcohol based Hand Sanitisers are important due to the role they play in reducing the spread of illness-causing germs and are recommended by leading health organisations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organisation.

The facts about Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers:

  • Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not contain Triclosan.
  • Purell Hand Sanitisers do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) – Alcohol is the active ingredient in Purell.
  • Hand Sanitisers do not cause Antibiotic Resistance. The Alcohol in Hand Sanitisers kills a wide range of germs and then evaporates leaving nothing behind on your skin for germs to become resistant to.
  • All Hand Sanitisers are not the same, Alcohol-based and non-Alcohol based have different formulations.
  • Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not dry out your hands. Studies have shown that Purell Hand Sanitisers are gentle on the hands compared to normal soap as Purell does not strip the natural liquid away.
  • Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not cause Supergerms. Ethyl Alcohol, the active ingredient in Purell and other Alcohol-based Sanitisers destroys the cell membranes and is not left behind on the skin for germs to become resistant to.
  • Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers kill illness-causing or Transient Germs (these are germs acquired by touching objects and can be transmitted in the body or by touching people/ objects).

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