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Code: SPIGGM20

Bio-Zyme Multi Purpose Cleaner

BIO-ZYME Multi Cleaner /Degreaser is non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, degreasing, cleaning and deodorising agent.

It has MAF C-32 approval as well as BIO-GRO Certification.

Its biological action works to eliminate odours, digests contaminants and breaks down waste by speeding up the biological process.

This product has fantastic enzymes that break down oils and grease, and will completely clean & deodorise in all drain, grease trap, septic tanks and liquid rubbish areas. Ideal for chemical toilets, underbench grease traps, septic tanks as it eliminates uric acid.

BIO-ZYME will also remove and inhibit bacteria growth.


  • General cleaning /deodorising
  • General spray & wipe, dilute 25/1
  • For floors dilute 50/1 bucket, for difficult floors dilute 25/1
  • Toilets/Urinals Flush 100ml down urinal waste to 'kick-start' process, then spray full strength BIO-ZYME onto face of urinal & area immediately in front.
  • Toilet floors washed or mopped down daily with a 50/1 diluted hose down after or difficult floors dilute 25/1

Now in the easy to use Squeeze and Dose measure bottle

Features and Benefits

Eco friendly



Safe to use .

Bio-Grow Certification

MAF-C32 Approved

  • 20 Litre Bottle (also available in 5 Litres SPIGGT05)
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